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Welcome Matt Feature-Length Project

A new version of Welcome Matt is here. After careful rewrites and plenty of feedback from professional screenwriters and script consultants, a new version is finally here!

Matt is an agoraphobic writer trying to finish up his new book and save his failing writing career while dealing with a recent breakup, an eviction, and a beautiful therapist that he's starting to develop feelings for. Matt starts to see the connection of all of his life's afflictions and his separation from the outside world and decides he must find the courage to get out in the world.

Despite everything and everyone showing up at his front step to distract him from completing the book for the deal his agent struck with a big publisher, Matt finds himself surprised when a beautiful woman shows up at his front door who happens to be his new neighbor and - his new love interest.

Will Matt be able to fend off his intrusive mom, crazy ex-girlfriend and her muscular boyfriend, complete his book in time, get over his fear of going outside, and ask his new neighbor out?

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